Take the Pain out of Sign Changes. Contact DNA.

You bought a sign or a directory and now you need a small change made to the text or graphics. But the company you bought the sign from will not get back to you. And if they finally do show up the workmanship often is not good. This is a common story. I’ve been in the sign industry since 1993. In the past I’ve seen this scenario with my own staff! Why does this happen? The answer is simple. Most sign companies have large overhead and big equipment. They need big dollar sales to cover these costs just to survive. For many sign companies, the only reason they do the small work is out of obligation or just to keep relationships for future big ticket sales. If you didn’t call them, they would be fine. They really don’t want the small text and graphics changes. That’s where we come in. We love the small stuff. This is our bread and butter and we are hungry for more. So how do we supply excellent service and prices? We have a 3 Focal Point System that I’d be happy to share with you. I just won’t say it here. I don’t want to give away trade secrets to the competition. If your simple text and graphic changes are paying for crane and bucket trucks, give us a call and I’ll share how we can take away the pain of change. 



Calls and Emails are returned within 24 hours. Layouts and proofs are usually within 2 days. Service and deliveries are usually made within 10 days of approval and usually sooner. If you need it sooner, just say so.


Because there is a high cost associated with a new customer we have no choice but to do our very best to keep you around. We only make money if you stay with us long term. That’s our business model.


Directories look terrible if the font stroke is off and spacing and placement is wrong. Simple stuff that matters. Level. Correct Colors. Good adhesion and clean when we’re done. This is about pride in workmanship. We get it.  

Need a Change?