Using 25 years of sign industry experience fabricating and installing signs, DNA signs has put together an extensive array of products to support Office Park, Parking Garage, and General Facility projects. It’s our goal to not only supply the signage but share our experiences by recommending proven hardware and materials to ease the installation process.

Of course, there will always be customization of signs which you may not readily see in standard product offerings. Understanding and meeting your sign specifications is our specialty. Send us your ideas and details and we’ll make it right.

Office Parks and Suites

    • Interior Branding and Business Identification
    • Exterior and Interior Directories, Wayfinding, and Parking Lot Signs
    • Reception and Lobby Signs, Suite Plaques 
    • ADA, Door, Stair and Information Signs, Door and Window Lettering

Parking Lot and Garage Signs

    • Clearance Bars
    • Overhead and Wayfinding Signs
    • Sign Frames, Posts, Brackets, and Hardware
    • Level Identity Signs, Parking Space, and Information Signs
    • ADA, Elevator, Door, and Means of Egress Stair Signs
    • Branding and Identity Signs

Industrial and Facility Signage

    • Interior and Exterior Branding and Identity Signs
    • Interior and Exterior Directory and Wayfinding Signs
    • Reception and Lobby Signs
    • ADA, Door, Stairs, and Information Signs

How We Can Help

    • Do you minimize risk and outsource the design, build, and installation of signs?
    • Do you like to do as much as possible in-house?
    • Need shop drawings or help with specifications?
    • Maybe you just need some confirmation on the right materials or hardware.
    • On-site project management, training, and tool support are here as well.



We are here to help with fonts, materials, hardware choices, or producing bid documents. Even if you just need a once look over before you copy-sign details to your client, we can help. If you would like some support with layout, shapes, and colors, we have one of the most talented graphic sign designers in the Northeast.

Estimating, Pricing, and Specifications 

Our files are filled with specifications and pricing to make your buying experience as simple as possible. Buyers and designers of signs need only to shop at the online store or email us a list of needs. We will help to put together a complete competitive quotation needed to take care of each job.

Competitive Sign Products

In general, sign companies and really most “manufacturers” today to a great degree are really just assemblers. Yes, we cut, bend, weld, and drill materials but even more important is our buying. Our competitively priced signage is the result of many hours and years of searching for the best and most competitive material suppliers. Our cost savings are passed along to you through our product offering.

Market and Product Focus 

It’s tough to be great at everything in this industry so throughout our years in this business we’ve found some niches where we concentrate