ADA STAIR # 3 Plaque 9" x 9"

  • Solid 1/8" Black Acrylic Panel with Black Core 

  • ADA Compliant White Raised Text on Matte Black Background Raised Tactile Text and Grade 2 Braille

  • Great for Parking Garages, Stadiums, Schools, Offices

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Detailed Description

Solid Acrylic. Text, Symbol & Braille are adhesive applied

1/8" Thick Background Panel & 1/32" Raised Tactile Text and Grade 2 Braille.

Includes Self Mounting Double Sided Tape or Holes for Screws (We will contact you time of order to confirm)

Great for public spaces like Parking Garages, Stadiums, Offices and Schools. 

Note: Braille Shown as White is Actually Same Color as Background

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